Friday, January 9, 2009

CVS Hidden Deal - Glade Scented Oil

Accoring to I heart cvs It has been confirmed that the glade scented oil warmers (UPC# 046500 703409) are ringing up for $.99 & also qualify for the $2 EB. double check the price at the price scanner or with cashier!you may also want to use the following coupon:-$2 glade plugins scented oil warmer (page 6)the cashier would need to adjust the coupon to $.99 if you buy one warmer, making it $0 ooporto avoid beepage, you could buy 3 warmers and use one coupon. because the total amount for 3 glade warmers would be $2.97 the coupon would not beep and would deduct the full $2. so you would end up spending $.97 and receiving $6 in ecb!
Thank you: I HEART CVS

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