Thursday, November 20, 2008


I have been getting emails of people wanting me to explain how the items are free at CVS. I apologize for not explaining in further detail. Hopefully this will help some of you out and if you still have questions please feel free to email me.

Start purchasing your local newspaper and save your coupons. Cut them out and keep them organized. This will help you to get free items in the future. Just get your local paper weekly and start clipping away and organizing them.
Understand the lingo. If you take time to understand the lingo then you will be able to understand the ad more clearly and also any blogs that post on the cvs deals.
ECBs = Extra Care Bucks. Extra Care Bucks print at the bottom of your receipt and pretty much look like a coupon you can use them like cash in the store. Some exclusions apply. Like you can't use them to buy stamps, alcohol, and prescriptions. See the fine print on the ECBs for full details.There are certain items that earn you Extra Bucks, these are the products you most likely will be purchasing. You can use your ECB's printed at the end of your receipt immediately. So if you have a 2nd transaction to make you can just tear it off and use it. If you don't use the ECB's then you will lose them. The store doesn't keep track of the amount of ECB's you have earned (so keep them in an envelope or somewhere safe).
FREE AFTER ECB's - They way this works if you purchase the item (using previous ECB's earned) and then the item comes out to FREE.
MONEY MAKER - If the item is a FREE item for the week or for the month and you have a CVS coupon or a Manufactured coupon then it becomes a money maker. You can use this money to purchase things you need at the store. Sometimes you purchase items you don't need just to buy the items you do need. Not to worry though you can just donate the items you receive that you don't use in your home.
FREE AFTER ECB's & Manufactured Coupon - Many times there will be an item that is EXAMPLE: $2 after ECB's but you may have a coupon match up and be able to use that $2 coupon therefore making the item free.
Rolling ECB's - ECB's expire one month after they are issued to you. So the way to keep using them is to rolling them. Use ECB's earned to buy you items that give you ECB's back. This is how you will roll them as well as keep on getting your free or almost free items.
Monthly ECB Booklet - The monthly ECB Booklet is located with the regular weekly ads. Pick up this booklet because these deals are good for the entire month.
LIMITS - Towards the end of your receipt will be item information. If the limit is 5 and you only bought 3, it will say 3. If you have already gotten 5 it will tell you, OFFER LIMIT REACHED
CRT's - Cash Registar Tape - These are valuable coupons printed at the end of your receipt. Keep these coupons as well. Most the time there is a deal that is going on or a deal that is coming up and you are able to use this coupon along with ECB's and Manufactured coupons. These sometimes will help your deal be even better. Also, there may be a CRT that is for $3 off $15 and if you use this you can work it into a deal and get even more off of your total.
Go to your local CVS and sign up for the Extra Care card. The card is completely free it is just a way they keep track of what you spend and SAVE and your limits. You can order one online at If you pick up your card in the store you can start your shopping immediately.

Everytime you make a purchase use your extra care card. Make it a habit to hand it to the cashier before you even give them your items. If you forget to give them your card you won't get the sale prices or your ECB's at the end of your receipt.

When you sign up your card they will e-mail you coupons. Go to and sign your card up.
Look at the weekly ad and decide what it is you are wanting to get. Don't try to get alot at once sometime you can get overwhelmed and mess up your transaction. (I have done it). Write it down or print it out from this blog. Take all your coupons with you and keep them at hand so at the check out you don't forget to use them. You can use manufactured coupons as well as CVS coupons combined which makes for a really sweet deal.
As you continue to roll your ecb's you will notice that you will begin to have a stockpile of household items, medicines, make-up ect...I have had a lot of people ask me why I get items I don't need. I do it because it is free and I can donate it to someone or because I used the item to work out a deal to get something that I do need or use in my home. I have been able to give away so many baskets full of household goods. We have a church and we are starting to make our goody bags and leave them there so we can hand them out as needed.
I hope this has helped you out and if you still need more information feel free to leave me a comment or to email me.

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