Tuesday, June 10, 2008

June Goals

Well, I know that we are almost half way through June but I figured better late than never.

So I made a big mistake in the last few months of giving up my envelopes. Not sure what was wrong with me and my thinking but I am so over that. I decided to start my envelopes up again this payday which was today. So I went to the bank and got my cash for two weeks and placed them in envelopes and I pray that I will keep it that way. We started doing envelopes about 4 years ago right after my daughter was born. I have had an actual budget for about 8 years but I didn't start the envelopes for a while. For some reason seeing the cash leave my envelopes makes me more a of good steward than just swipping my card. I know different things work for different people but this is what really works for us.

This is our budget for every two weeks.....
Date Night $25 - Go out at least once with the hubby
Weekend $40 - We use $20 per week
Sunday $40 - We use $20 per week
Kids Stuff $25 - We use this for Diapers, Wipes, Snacks, Cups, ect...
Household Needs $10 - For the two weeks (Usually reserved as CVS money)
Grocery $70 - For two weeks of groceries
Hubby Lunch $40 - For two weeks
Gas $140 - We use $35/week/car - This is gonna have to be increased

I am gonna have to tweek my budget a little so that we can pay off some more debt but for now this is what it is. This gives us liberty to do what we need to and still enjoy the weekends and the kids.

So my goal is to stick to my budget again and to stick to my envelopes again. I will keep you posted on how that went.

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