Sunday, June 22, 2008

Craigslist Deal - Toddler Bed $50

For some reason I have always wanted a car bed for my son. I guess it was more my dream then my sons considering he is only 2 years old. But I was so blessed to find a bed on craigslist. I have literally looked every week and everytime I called they had sold it. Well I am pleased to say that as of last week my son got his car toddler bed. Yippy! I know many people may not think it was a frugal move but considering I got it for $50 I am so excited. P.S. This is a stock photo and isn't my son. :)

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Jorge said...

I don't even bother using Craigslist anymore. They have made it very difficult many times as they add new and more restrictive rules. I have actually found it easier to post on places like,, and because they are a little more liberal with their rules. Just my .02!