Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hawaiian Tropics Moneymaker

if you can find these cheap hawaiian tropics items at your cvs store you can make some serious ecb's!$1.99-$2.49

Hawaiian tropic lip balms or "Sun Junk" with a keychain $1.49 each, package blue with a guy surfing on the front cover,top of the keychain is orange..SPF45 (might be in the clearance section)buy 2, spend $3 - $5 dollars/ecb'sreceive $10 ecb's= $5 - $7 profit!

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Tina Putnam said...

Hello...I just saw a piece about you on television and I am impressed. I would love to learn all about how you do what you do. I am a newcomer to your site and would love to hear about everything. Thank you for sharing your insights and tips with all of us looking to save a few cents...or in your case dollars. Thank you again. Teach us, please!