Tuesday, May 6, 2008

$45 per family member!

ShareBuilder is an online investment tool - built for individuals across all income levels. You simply deposit money into your ShareBuilder account, purchase a stock, and then track your success. They also regularly hold promotions that deposit extra money into new accounts. (Never open an account without a promotion!) The ShareBuilder promotion with the highest yield is currently a $50 offer…ShareBuilder will deposit $50 into each new account opened (and you can even open an account for your kids!). The minimum investment is $5, and within 4-6 weeks, you’ll receive a $50 deposit into your ShareBuilder account. At that point, you have the option of purchasing more stock and increasing your funds, or simply withdrawing the money.

Below are the step-by-step instructions for opening a ShareBuilder account, and receiving $45 for each family member. (It looks scary, but only because I over-simplified .)

1.) Click HERE to visit ShareBuilder’s site and click the Open an Account tab
2.) Select Individual Account
3.) Select the box next to “I’m responding to a promotion“, enter the 50GO28 Promotion Code, and click Next
4.) From the Your Information page, select No (indicating you do not have another ShareBuilder account)
5.) Complete all required fields for Contact Information, then click Next
6.) Complete all required fields for Investor Identification, then click Next
7.) Complete all required fields for Employment, then click Next
8.) Select the Agreement box directly above “Review Your Account Information”
9.) Click Create Account
10.) From the Welcome Page, you should see your Account Number, Account Type, Promotion, and message reading, “Thank you, your promotion code has been accepted. You will receive a $50 account bonus approximately 4 weeks after your first transaction.”
11.) Click Continue
12.) Select Basic Program, then click Next
13.) Select Build my account over time with an Automatic Investment Plan, then click Next
14.) Select Create your own Automatic Investment Plan, then click Next
15.) Click HERE to open a separate window to search for stocks (do not close the window from Step 14)
16.) Locate a stock whose shares are priced under $1, note the stock symbol, and close the window
17.) In the original ShareBuilder account window, enter the stock symbol from Step 16 into the Symbol field
18.) Enter 5 ($5.00) in the Amount window, then click Add to Plan
19.) The window will refresh with the selected stock displayed in Your Automatic Investments - click Next
20.) Set your investment schedule frequency to One-Time, select an investment day, then click Next
21.) Select Automatically fund via electronic funds transfer (Free), enter your checking/savings account information, then click Next
22.) Authorize the transfer by entering the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number - click Next
23.) Review the information entered, then select Create Plan
24.) Check your Email Inbox for 2 emails:a.) Welcome to ShareBuilderb.) Your Promotion Code has been Accepted
25.) Receive $50 (added to your ShareBuilder account) within 4-6 weeks
26.) Either transfer the $50 to your bank account and let the $1 stocks remain…or continue buying and selling stocks to earn even more!
27.) Repeat steps 1-26 for each member of your family!

thank you www.imommies.com for this great deal!

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